Lone Star Case Study

Lone star case study image

Established in 1942 Lone star LWD precision engineering has become a leading provider of precision engineered components and specialised surface coatings to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries throughout the world.

Jacquet Weston were approached by Lone star when they needed to install a new Electroless Nickel facility to handle both their own and subcontract work.

The specification for the line was established over several meetings with Jacquet Weston, Lone star and the Chemical supplier Atotech. One unique area of design Lone star wanted to retain from their old line was the use of a cold water cooling system used to reduce the temperature of the Electroless Nickel solution at the end of the working day to avoid any plating out on to the tank itself. The design of the plant and location of the ancillary equipment were drawn up in AutoCad allowing all involved to have a clear idea of what was being proposed and what services it would require.

The tanks were a combination of Polypropylene for the rinses and pre treatment stages and Stainless steel for the two Electroless Nickel stages, these tanks were located in a water jacket to enable the tanks to reach operating temperature as quickly as possible while not having heaters immersed directly into the solution and thus avoiding regular cleaning.

The plant was manufactured and assembled in our factory prior to instillation in the customer’s facility in Leeds keeping time on site and disruption to the customer down to a minimum. The JWE scope of the instillation covered all aspects including structural steelwork, extraction, electrics and pipe work.