Process Cylinders

JWE are proud to be the UK agents for Progalvano, a world renowned manufacturer of Process Barrels and associated equipment.

JWE are able to supply process barrels from a 1kg to 250kg capacity and manufactured from a range of materials such as Polypropylene, PVDF and Stainless Steel. The barrels can be manufactured with various hole sizes and even with slots when required for plating difficult components such as nails or screws.

Various methods of D.C contact are also available, from the standard Dangler contact to rotating star contact and stationary end plates or domes used where the processed work is very prone to engagement.

JWE also offer a range of spares such as D.C contacts, barrel rotation fixtures, 24v drive motors as well as complex associated equipment such as Auto Loaders and Unloaders and Auto lid mechanisms.

Filter Units